OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


PHOENIX CONTACT Cyber Security has a range of successful OEM partners who distribute the PHOENIX CONTACT mGuard products under their own names or who integrate them into their own appliances.

Through their collaboration with PHOENIX CONTACT Cyber Security, our OEM partners are capable of introducing products faster to market and maintain accordance with the highest security requirements. Internal R&D resources can thus be used for other activities, and development risks are minimized.

Characterized through their robustness, the patented "Stealth Mode" (Plug-n-Protect) for transparent communication and the high performance encryption is the mGuard platform highly recommended for the appliance in the industry and automation technology. Application areas include:

  • Security for the use of TCP/IP in automation technology – Industrial Ethernet
  • Remote maintenance of machines and production facilities via Internet
  • Secure use of the Internet for point of sales devices, cashpoints and slot machines
  • As a basis for multi-functional credit card terminals
  • For telecommunications appliances


Icon Zitat GIFRalph Langner
CEO, Langner Communications
"Several technical systems in the automation could not be secured inherent against malicious software and IT error access.
The products of Innominate convince through their astonishing compatibi- lity to standard IT processes."